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Color Glo – Green Company

A very relevant attribute to Color Glo is our commitment to the environment and our commitment to be a GREEN COMPANY.

Our environment is a growing concern and special factors are often taken into consideration when a potential customer is choosing a company for repair and/or restoration. This is where Color Glo comes in. Special attention given now to these considerations can be used to our advantage highlighting the continued implementation and research Color Glo International Environmental impact of products (subject to strict quality controls according to ASTM standards) that led to the creation of color-based eco-friendly, water based, odorless and nontoxic products.

Commit to a proper disposal of products and implementation of these actions to offset these concerns. You as an individual can increase awareness by taking extra steps to contribute to the environment (i.e.: by planting trees or supporting an environmental cause annually). The result is a positive image of your company and sensitivity to contemporary issues that will be rewarded by consumers.

Consumers who are eco-friendly also have a great appreciation and loyalty to businesses they work with and companies who share their same values.

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